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The Basics!

Start with a Plan!
Marketing Issues
Business Basics
Conventional or Organic?
Site & Soil Basics
Orchard Planning
Training Systems
Variety Selection
Pollination Basics


Apple Rootstocks
Pear Rootstocks
Stone Fruit Rootstocks

Rootstock Basics

Rootstocks are a big part of the equation for successful fruit growing.  Click on a link to the left for more complete descriptions of available and recommended rootstocks for apples, pears, and stone fruits.

The diagram below indicates the general range most rootstocks will fall into.

              100%                          80%                   70%                  60%               50%          40%     30%   20%
    Standard / Seedling    <<<<<Semi-Standard>>>>>>>>>>>>>><<<Semi-Dwarf range>>> <<Full dwarf>>

Each rootstock page will have a comparison of relative dwarfing characteristics as well as other useful and important information.

Apple Rootstocks            Pear Rootstocks            Stone Fruit Rootstocks

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