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The Basics!

Start with a Plan!
Marketing Issues
Business Basics
Conventional or Organic?
Site & Soil Basics
Orchard Planning
Training Systems
Variety Selection
Pollination Basics
Dwarf or Semi-Dwarf


Apple Rootstocks
Pear Rootstocks
Stone Fruit Rootstocks

If you are thinking about starting a new commercial fruit growing operation,    
we're here to help you get off to the right start.

The New Fruit Grower is dedicated to helping people interested in commercial fruit growing as an expansion of their current farming or marketing operation, or as an entirely new enterprise.  

The New Fruit Grower will be a rich source of links to other fruit related websites, since those starting out new or fresh in the industry often have to do a lot of searching to find those resources.

The Moser family has been serving the fruit and nursery industry for over 50 years, and our patriarch, the late Karl Moser, pictured at right, loved to help the new or beginning fruit growers succeed.  This site would be one he would have started had he been younger and still alive today.  We don't claim to know all the answers, but we can sure raise a lot of questions that you should answer for yourself before proceeding in a new orchard enterprise.

But, to be really honest, another goal is sell you the trees for your first orchard and make you a lifetime customer of Moser Fruit Tree Sales.  We offer our advice freely and will be honest and helpful so that we can make you a friend as well as a customer.  We are not out for just a single sale, but for the long term business that we hope we will get when we help you be successful.

If you are interested in just a few fruit trees for your personal backyard orchard, please go to, where you can buy bareroot fruit trees online in small quantities.

If you already are a commercial fruit grower or orchardist, our regular wholesale website is  You are welcome to surf this site as well, though.  There might be something new for you here, but most of this is just "plain common sense" for an experienced orchardist.

About Moser Fruit Tree Sales

Moser Fruit Tree Sales caters to commercial fruit growers.  You will find that we offer the largest choice of bare root fruit varieties and rootstock along with personal service customized to your operation.  Whether you are well established or just beginning, large or small, we ask for the opportunity to serve you when you are looking for bareroot fruit trees.  We're the only source you need for quality bareroot fruit trees!  For over 50 years we have worked primarily with commercial orchardists and fruit growers by providing only the highest quality bare-root fruit trees for the commercial fruit industry.  Our founder, Karl Moser, started selling fruit trees from local nurseries over fifty years ago.  As time passed and his growers' needs increased, he added better quality nurseries as his sources.  Karl passed away in December 2002, but his son, Matt Moser, continues the same philosophy of dealing in only the highest quality trees and stock and providing free personalized and customized service.  We have been leaders in the industry for over 25 years.

Matt Moser is President and General Manager of Moser Fruit Tree Sales, Inc. and its divisions.  He has spent his whole career in the horticulture business and has wide experience in the fruit and nursery industries as a fruit, vegetable, and greenhouse grower and nurseryman.  Common sense and practical, conservative advice are his hallmarks.  Matt grew up on the family farm, and his values reflect his commitment to helping family operations succeed, grow, and be profitable.  It is not easy today to survive in horticulture and Matt has faced the same challenges and problems that are facing you.  Whether you are an established operator, or just beginning, Matt will go the extra mile to help you meet your goals and needs. 

Contact Information

TELEPHONE:   Toll Free  800-386-5600  or  269-468-4356 (Toll)

FAX:  269-468-6510

ADDRESS:  5329 Defield Road, Coloma, Michigan, 49038





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